Meet 23 year old Bartender Bachelor 2014 Contestant Kylie Lewis from Chicago!

Meet Kylie Lewis the latest female model/bartender set to be on The Bachelor. Kylie Bachelor SpoilersKylie will be gracing our screens with Juan Pablo Galavis for the upcoming 2013-2014 Bachelor season that starts at the conclusion of Dancing with the Stars on ABC. According to Bachelor Spoilers Message Boards she is a former model for the most part and now a full-time bartender at District Bar & Grill. Moving right on up it appears…

Her suitor, is of course Juan Pablo Galavis the latin heart-throb that we are supposed to believe Desiree Hartsock was not interested in on the last season of the Bachelorette.  Of course ABC had no intention casting Juan Pablo in the first place but just threw a sexy latin model in with a 6 pack to see how the ladies responded; that all happened by mere chance.

Juan Pablo is according to his ‘Official Twitter’ a music and sports consultant. Well that’s broad. With a position like that he’ll surely never go without work. Here at the BachelorBlog we consult on politics and religion, between modeling gigs of course.  Work is slow though now, perhaps it has something to do with the volume of time we are NOT spending in the gym. Although it could be that we do not Juan Pablo’s lucky scarf. It’s gotta be the scarf!

It's about the scarf

It’s about the scarf

Kylie Lewis Th Bachelor District Bar & Grill

Kylie Lewis Th Bachelor District Bar & Grill


Anyway, here is a shot of  Kylie Lewis with finely waxed armpits, gazing towards the stars!




Clearly she’s visualizing a large pot of lasagna while striking this pose.


I’ll take the Lasagna please

In other news Bobbie from Kentucky has just mailed his Audition tape in for next season of the Bachelorette. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Bobbie. He’s no Juan Pablo Galavis but he’s got a heart of gold and that’s all that matters. We love you Bobbie!  Bobbie Bachelorette

…Learn more about the other ladies throughout this week , such as, such as Val Eredia from Sutter California who is 26. She’s also a Bartender. [youtube_sc url=”” rel=”0″]

Here are some more snaps making the rounds of message boards and I believe this is the original source of the photos.

Kylie Lewis Bachelor Contestant photos

Kylie Lewis Bachelor Photos

Kylie Lewis BachelorLadies on the Bachelor with Juan Pablo  –

We will be posting more here and also on the sister site throughout the week!