Love in the Wild’s Ken & Yanina, Summer & Chase, Ben & Michelle Race To Be In the Finale Recap

Michelle and Ben Finish in Third Place


Chase and Summer Place Second


Ken and Yanina First Place Tonight

We are down to our last three couples, and I like them all.  I can’t wait to see who the final two will be.

 Before the challenge begins all of the couples are thinking about their time here and what their partner has meant to them.
Yanina and Ken are enjoying each moment together.
Ben – “I never thought I would get this far and be with someone I like.”
Chase:  “This is the girl I started to develop feelings for and I don’t want our adventure to end.”
The couples meet Jenny who asks the ladies, “Are you gold diggers?” Jenny tells them they will be digging for gold.
They are trying to win the around the world trip with their partner.   Ben and Michelle won the extra 30 second start and everyone feels that gives them an advantage.   Jenny begins to explain their challenge.   They will need to assemble a map and then follow a map after they collect its’ five pieces.   The five parts will be in 5 different locations, a cave, in the rocks on a cliff, in a bottle floating in the water, in a tree, and near a fence.
Ben and Michelle get a 30 second start.   The other two couples are blindfolded as Ben and Michelle look at a map, which shows the locations of the items they need to collect.   They spend a few seconds and take off.   But apparently Ben did not really look at it too well and they have to go back and look at it again.   They have lost the advantage they had.
They were told they could decide the order of the locations they had to find.  The cave proved a problem for some because there were 100’s of scrolls saying. “Try Again.”
Ken and Yanina are off and running and Yanina says, “Ken is a bit tough on me.”   But she does not really mind as this is the most important race.   Ben and Michelle are running behind everyone but Michelle is easy on him and helps him to calm down.  He tells us he really appreciates that she does not get all ugly and get on his case.
Everyone has to climb down a wobbly ladder to get a piece of the map.  If you are afraid of heights, it would not be an easy task.  Fortunately, this is not Survivor, or the Amazing Race, where the same person cannot perform the tasks.
They have to choose a horse and ride to get a piece of the map.  Michelle picked a huge horse and it just took off with her at a very fast speed.  Michelle gets to the next location before Ben.   Other couples are there but  she has to wait for Ben to show up.
Ben tells us that Michelle is great, “She does not add fuel to the fire.”
Chase and Summer are keeping up with Ken and Yanina and it is a close race. Both Chase and Summer are very happy with each other.
The last part requires digging up a partially buried chest and carrying it to Jenny.
Ken and Yanina are getting closer to Jenny and Jenny says,  “Oh my gosh, bring it home.”   She opens the chest and the bricks  are there.  Ken and Yanina are very happy they get the Oasis Suite again.
Chase and Summer come in second.   Jenny asks Chase what tripped him up.  He tells her it was finding and digging up the chest.
As Ben and Michelle run in, Jenny says,  “Wow, Ben, you got dirty.”
Ken and Yanina will make the decision as to who goes home and they are not sure what they will do.
Ben tells Michelle,  “I’m sorry I let you down today.”  She tells him she is not mad at him.
Ken is so happy to be back at the Oasis with Yanina and tells us he came to find love and he did.
Chase tells Summer that,  “Not having our future in our hands is frustrating.”
Yanina states she did not want to compete against an Olympian.   Ken feels he wanted to race against the best.   Then if he won, he would know they were the best.
They both realize they are not on the same page and decide to go and talk to the other two couples.
Ben and Michelle say that they are growing as a couple and are very passionate.   And Ben also says that he is not ready to split up.
At the couples ceremony Jenny lets each couple say something to Ken and Yanina before they give their decision.  Yanina cried through all of it.   The three couples became friends and this is very hard for her.
She says,  “I never thought I would be sitting here and having to send two good friends home.   I can’t even speak because it feels really sad, and I hope you don’t hate us.”
Finally, Jenny asks for the decision.   Ken says, “It has been a wonderful, wonderful ride,  and the couple that we would like to bring with us to the next adventure is — the couple we think most resembles what Yanina and I have built is Ben and Michelle.”
Summer and Chase reveal that they are going to keep in contact and keep this connection.   In a post film update, we learn that Summer and Chase have continued dating since the show completed  filming in the Spring.   And, Summer is making plans to move to California to be closer to him.
All of that makes me happy because I did feel these three couples formed a great foundation for a future relationship.  They all had difficult times, got a bit angry at times, but always worked it through.
I can’t wait until next week!!

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