Love in the Wild’s Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria Win Recap


Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria Winners of Love in the Wild 2



Michelle and Ben Came in Second But Finding Each Other was Their Prize

Ken and Yanina have been together from the beginning, just like the winners of last season, Samantha and Mike.  Before the adventure, Ken and Yanina started thinking about their relationship.

Ken: “Yanina is the woman of all my dreams. It’s beyond my imagination.”

Yanina: “”It’s the ultimate love fest.”

In an interview after filming, Yanina was asked how they developed their relationship.  She had his to say, “We seemed to have all of the right ingredients.  It just started from the beginning.  It was like a hit or miss, I would say.  It’s never been that easy for me, and I don’t think it’s easy for anybody, but we just had that click.  It just worked from the beginning… I stumbled upon happiness.”

And as I have talked about before, when Ryan was trying to get Yanina to stick with him instead of Ken,  made a little picnic for them and they talked.  Later, Ken spent some time with Yanina.  He was showing her his scrapbook of the many dogs he had fostered.  She was very impressed and really let her see inside  of his heart a bit.  I think that was what clinched it.

  Ken feels that this last adventure will truly test them, but they have been through so much, he is not worried.   And Yanina shares that she is sad that this is their last adventure.

Michelle makes the statement, “There’s someone for everyone and I found mine here.” And Ben is happy that Michelle loves him just the way he is

They meet Jenny

She tells them that this challenge will be the “Mother” of all challenges and will involve an overnight. And she reminds them of the prize, an around the world first class trip.

She  also  tells them that communication is the key to all relationships and very important.  Stating, “If you don’t have that, it all falls apart.”

Jenny asks the couples who is good and giving directions and who is better at following them.  Both Ken and Ben feel they are better at giving directions.

The two men go into a truck and Jenny drives off with them. Yanina and Michelle are each left with a radio for communication.   And they wait for instructions.  The boys are driven to a location where they find a hut and radios. The boys have a map and a compass and begin giving the ladies directions.   They are told they will be looking for a wheel, two seats, and 2 sets of pedals.

Both begin to give directions, but Ben is not doing very well and Michelle is confused and having a hard time finding anything.

And Ben is having a problem using the compass.

Meanwhile, Yanina finds all of the items.  They can now open up the chest at the hut.  They put together a tandem bike.  They are to ride to a location and find their camping supplies.  They find them and pack what they think they will need.  Eventually Yanina and Ken make it to the camping location first. Ben and Michelle keep at it and finally catch up.   Ken and Yanina will have a five-minute start the next morning.

Things are primitive, but both couples make the best of it. They are glad they decided to bring the bottle of wine, as all need it.  Nobody likes the insects but the next morning they are up bright and early to begin the next part.

They will find a tablet to decode and it will tell them where to go next.   Ken and Yanina take off and decode and discovered they need to put a kayak together, go into the ocean, retrieve a chest,  take the chest ashore, open it with a grow bar and take the contents to the finish line.

The map they find tells them the location to find the chest.   They are off and Ken and Yanina have a nice lead.   But Michelle and Ben work hard and soon seem to catch up.   Everyone is exhausted, but the prize is too good to give up.

In building the Kayak, Ken undid the rope that Yanina had fastened to the boat.  She is a bit upset and says, “When will he listen to me?”  Eventually Ken sees the mistake he made and tells Yanina he is sorry.

I have to say, both couples have handled this adventure very well.  None them snapped at the other or argued.  Good for them.

Ben is excited as he tells Michelle, “We are hot on their trail.” They are not about to give up.

Ken and Yanina find their chest in the ocean but instead of pulling it next to the boat, Ken jumps in after it.  Now mind you, they are in the ocean, and it is rough.  He realize what a mistake he made as Yanina is drifting away from him in the boat.   He turns around and swims back to her, lugging the chest with him.

It looks like Michelle and Ben will catch up, but it does not happen. Ken and Yanina land, open the chest and find two idols, one male, one female. They each take their respective male/female idols and run to the finish line.

They  arrive  Jenny  and she says, “You have been together since day one.” She asks them, “Have you found love in the wild?   They tell her yes and Ken says, “We have everything that it takes to pursue a future together.”

Ben and Michelle show up and even though they came in second, Michelle says that Ben is her prize.

Jenny asks Ben and Michelle if they found love in the wild.   And they also did find it.  They found each other.  Ben looks at Michelle and says, “If you can put up with me, your are a keeper.”

Ken tells Yanina, “I am so proud to be with you.”

Yanina to Ken, “It’s sad it is over but we start a new chapter in our lives.”

Ken, “I’m ecstatic.”

At the end of the show we learn that Ken and Yanina have been taking turns flying to each other and they are planning their around the world trip. They get to choose countries they would like to visit.   And Yanina mentions Argentina, as that is where she comes from.

I am so happy for both couples. They really found each other and want to continue the relationships formed.

When the show is over, we learn that Ken and Yanina have been taking turns flying to see one another.  They are also happily planning their around the world tour.

Ben and Michelle spent the holidays together and she is planning on going to England to meet his family.  Looks like Love in the Wild can work!!