Love in the Wild: Quick Sand, Scorpions,and Love In Paradise Recap Ep. 6


Jenny McCarthy

We are down to the final three couples and I am excited to see how everyone does in the challenge and as a couple tonight.  Before the challenge Summer and Chase are considering their time here and they are both amazed that they have made it this far.

 Ken says is motto today is, The Oasis, or bust. Time to meet Jenny.
Gracious and beautiful Jenny welcomes them and lets them know the new challenge will involve using a GPS. Summer thinks this will be a snap. After all Chase was in the military and certainly has experience with this.
They are told they will use the GPS to find a pump, tubes, and a scroll with a puzzle to decode.  As they take off, immediately Ben gets frustrated. He has never used a GPS before and really has no idea what to do. Michelle calms him down. Ben even tells us that he does get frustrated easily and Michelle has a way of calming him down. She does it very well without anger and without putting him down.
Chase is having a terrible time using the GPS and Summer is not happy. She really counted on his ability to get them into first place. Sorry girlfriend, not tonight. Everyone finds their tubes and they are off to find the scroll, which will help them decode a message.  Ken and Yanina are in first, Ben and Michelle second, Summer and Chase, third.
Ken and Yanina arrive at the place to get the scroll and they find themselves in quicksand. I doubt it is really quicksand or they would have had a more difficult time getting out of it. But, it is a deterrent and not fun!!! Ken and Yanina get the scroll and rush to the cave indicated. They find it full of scorpions, ugly black ones. They are literally running all over the floor where the message is to be decoded.
The scroll was actually full of cut out spaces, and when placed over the right letters, will reveal the message. Ken is trying to place the decoder correctly and becomes very frustrated. Yanina takes it from him and says, “Let me try.” She figures is out immediately.  She tells us, “I like a man who can take control, but who also knows when I need to take control.”
They are to go and dig up a chest and carry it to the finish line. It is in deep sand with the ocean flowing over it. After a struggle, each couple gets the chest and the men carry them to the finish line.
Ken and Yanina race to the finish and are first. Ken is so happy to have the Oasis this week.  Ben and Michelle try decoding and Ben cannot figure it out.  Michelle comes to the rescue and they are on their way.  And, finally Summer and Chase arrive to decode. And guess what, Summer gets the task done. It would seem that perhaps women are better at this type of task. For one thing, they are willing to take their time to figure out where the decoder should be placed to start the task.,
Summer and Chase are last and Summer is angry. She really feels that Chase let her down. They go back to their cabin and Summer is off to the bathroom to take a shower and to literally cool off.  Chase is disappointed in himself.
Ken tells us the Yanina is the girl for him.  They have been together since the beginning. Yanina tells us that Ken is the full package she has always wanted.
Ben says, “I picked well.” Not one to be overly romantic, he decides to make the effort. He prepares a little picnic out on the beach for Michelle.   He also tells us, “I have my moments.” Michelle is delighted with his effort. They write in the sand, Ben and Michelle forever.”  What a difference this relationship from the one with Jenny. I am so happy for both of them.
Meanwhile, Chase wants to do something to make Summer feel special. He plans a scavenger hunt. When he gives her the first clue, she smiles and her anger has been lifted.  In the clues he talks about their adventures and all of this puts a smile on Summer’s face.  Finally, they find themselves in the kitchen with her favorite comfort food. They kiss and all is well. She says, “You made a sad day a good day.”
Summer also discloses that her family would say of her that she usually picks losers for men. She knows they would approve of Chase.
Time for the couples ceremony and everyone is a bit nervous.  Will someone be going home? Jenny tells them they are going to play a game to see how well they know their partners. The couple who gets the most points will get a 30 second advantage in the next challenge.
They are asked such things as what is the favorite part of the body on your partner? Which one of you is the most eager to start a family?
Ken and Yanina come in last and Jenny says you have to home, then quickly, “Only kidding.”
Jenny informs them that they really want to win the next challenge because the winner will choose which of the other two couples will be going home. Everyone smiles and seems very happy with one another. I fully expect these three couples to maintain contact after t his adventure in the wild is over.