Love in the Wild, an Update on Aaron Chase and Summer Mack


Summer and Chase in an Adventure Together


Summer Mack and Aaron Chase at the Finish Line Love in the Wild


Summer and Chase went home last week.  Often thought of as one of the most competitive couples, they came in second.  The first place couple, Ken and Yanina, were first and were able to decide which couple to take to the final, tomorrow, July 24, 2012.  Ken and Yanina chose Ben and Michelle.
Ben and Michelle tried to make their relationship look more competitive than romantic and it  put a target on their back.  Chase said he felt is was a low jab. “We built our relationship our own way.  We’re moving the relationship the way we wanted to move.”
Summer had this to say, “We were less concerned about what the other couples were doing.  We kind of felt together, that in order to do well as a couple, we could not focus on everyone else.”
Some things  Chase likes about Summer is that she is athletic,  she is beautiful, and she has brains.    He  was glad that she could tell him what was on her mind and he could to the same.  It makes for a healthier relationship. 

And they feel they had a romantic connection.  When they finally got to the Oasis Suite, it gave them an opportunity for some romance.  They both feel they have a healthy connection.  When they got back to the States, Chase made the effort to visit her first and she said it was wonderful.  Summer is getting ready to move to California, soon, to be nearer Chase.  Sounds like a plan to me!