Louie VanAmstel Discusses Last Week’s Cha Cha Cah and what He and Sabrina are doing for the Quick Step


Sabrina Bryan and Louie Van Amstel Dancing with the Stars All Stars



 Louie Van Amstel,   three-time world dance champion, is dancing for his eighth season on Dancing with the Stars.  He is paired with Sabrina Bryan who was voted on the show by the fans.  Louie feels the level of dancing is much higher this season and feels the celebrities, “All danced their hearts out”  last week. 

 The audience was great but they were so great and loud, that sometimes it was difficult to hear the music the couples were dancing to.   One problem he and Sabrina had was that they had been a count off and tried to over compensate, hoping no one would notice.  But the judges did notice.  Louie is grateful for the feedback from the judges and he and Sabrina have worked on finesse from the waist up, and fast footwork from the waist down.
This week, couples will have faster dances.  Those who did the Fox Trot, will dance the Jive, and those who did the Cha Cha Cha, will dance the Quick Step.  These dances are much faster so Louie says it will be interesting to see how the celebrities cope.