Lindsay Yenter Bachelor 17 Contestant Considers Herself a “Party Starter”

Bachelor 17 Lindsay Yenter 

Lindsay Yenter and Family – Her Father Received his Second Star Making Him a Major General

Lindsay has lived in Bosnia, Iraq, and many other interesting places.  Her father recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  But, she is ready to settle down.  She has a passion for football, which Sean also has. That’s a great beginning.  I think they would make a cute couple.  She considers herself a “Party Starter,” and she is not afraid to have a good time.  It is important to her that everyone has a great time.


Lindasy is 24 years old and her online presence has been scrubbed.  However, her mom has been on Facebook and is telling all of her friends to “LIKE”  her daughter’s photos on the ABC website and anywhere they see them.  It sounds like mom is excited about all of this.   Mom is even going to have a “premiere party”  for Lindsay when the prerecorded episodes begin showing in January.

Her worst date ever was a blind date with an old man.  At least she will know something about Sean before she meets him.  If she gets to the home town date, there may be a problem.  Her parents live on the post at Fort Leonard Wood, in N.C.  Precious hometowns have been Fayetteville, N.C., outside Fort Bragg, and the hometown of her parents in Reno, Nevada,  and other relatives still live there.  If she gets to that point, I have no doubt ABC will work out something appropriate with her parents.