Learn more About Aaron Chase and Summer Mack one of the Final Three Couples on Love in the Wild

Summer Mack Love in the Wild 2

Aaron Chase (Chase) Love in the Wild 2

Aaron Chase (He goes by Chase), grew up in San Diego but now lives in Newport Beach, California. He once had a long romance but it ended and caused him a broken heart.

Shortly after that, he went to Iraq and he is a Marine veteran. He is hoping that his military training will prove helpful in the wild. He is seeking a long term relationship and hopes for someone with a big heart.

Summer Mack has certainly proven that she is in it to win it. During the first episode she carried the two men on her team. Her swimming is exceptional. She was an Olympic Trials finalist on the U.S. National Swimming Team in 2000. The first challenge entailed swimming out in the ocean to get a bag of supplies needed for their first adventure. Summer offered to do it and she excelled. As a matter of fact, she and her two men took first place.

And, she wants a manly man. When Summer appeared at the casting session, producers knew she was just the type they were looking for. She was serious about finding someone and she was athletic. They also knew she would be competitive.

She once turned down The Bachelor because she did not what to be fighting with 20 other women for the same man. She really liked the couple idea of Love in the Wild.

Her unpredictability also made for a great choice. “I took a lot of risks on the show. I was one of the few girls that went outside the box of being comfortable. I would see who else was out there. If I was not sold on a guy I was partnered with, I’d make a switch.

“There were so many great guys on the show. You can test your compatibility,” And test it she did. At the couples ceremony she had the option of keeping one of her two men or switching with anyone else, since she came in first. She opted to let her two men go and chose Tim. Everyone was a bit shocked. Eventually, she ended up with Chase and things have been wonderful between them.

During Episode Five, they came in first and were able to enjoy the Oasis Suite. Summer said that she felt they would be able to get some romance here. And Chase feels that the woman should make the first move. They did kiss and Summer told everyone at the couples ceremomy is was a very good kiss! They could certainly win this.

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