JP Rosenbaum is So Excited to Marry Ashley Hebert this Sat., Dec. 1st

JP Rosenbaum is Very Excited to Marry Ashley Hebert December 1, 2012

JP Rosenbaum Wears the Final Rose after Ashley Accepted his Marriage
Proposal May 2011

Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum will Marry on December 1, 2012

JP Rosenbaum is very excited to marry his fiance Ashley Hebert. On his Twitter account he wrote about how excited he is to marry Ashley, this coming Saturday, December 1, 2012.

He wrote, “I think Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum has a nice ring to it. @ashhebert any idea how excited I am for my free cleanings for life?!?! #pearlywhites.” Ashley has decided to take JP’s last name.

And in case you have not heard they are doing something else remarkable. JP and Ashley are asking for donations to New York Cares, instead of wedding gifts. JP said, “Feel blessed to have such thoughtful friends and family who contribute to @newyorkcares via our registry #blownaway

We can’t wait for December 16th to see their wedding for ourselves. Ashley and JP are a remarkable couple and we wish them many more years of happiness and love for one another.

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