Jef Holm Enjoys Some Time in Ricki’s Hair Salon and Works On her Bike (Photos)


Jef Holm in Ricki’s Hair Salon!!!!!



Jef Holm Fixing Ricki’s Bike


Jef Holm Having Tea with a Friend’s Daughter


Jef  Holm continues to bond with Ricki in many ways.  We know he coaches her soccer team and now he is involved in a different way.  Do you remember playing hairdresser with your friends or even your parents?  My sister and I used to play with our fathers hair and we had a blast.  And, my daughters used to love to play with their dad’s hair.
Jef is doing a great job keeping us up to date on how he and his new family are doing.  He uses Twitter and sends us fabulous photos.  He wrote a few days ago,  “Ricki brought me into her salon for a quick trim. #girltime “pompadour.”  The photo Jef tweeted is adorable and as he sits to read a magazine, Ricki stands behind him, working on his hair. 
During The Bachelorette, he told Emily that he could not wait to be a dad, and he looks like he is having a great time.  We know he loves kids , which was in evidence in a photo of him with a friend’s daughter with whom he was having a tea party.  And who can forget how his many nieces and newphews ran to him during the hom town date with Emily.
Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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