Jenna Burke of Ben’s Bachelor, and Ryan Bowers of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Met in New York City Recently

Jenna Burke and Ryan Bowers Meet in Chicago

It seems Ryan Bowers in making the rounds now that there is no chance with Emily Maynard. Jenna Burke, the blogger from Ben’s Bachelor season tweeted a picture of her and Sean in New York City. If you recall, Jenna had quite a meltdown one evening on Ben’s Bachelor Season. According to Jenna, she and Ryan friends on twitter. Ryan let her know that he would be in New York with a couple of friends. He suggested that they get together. She and her friends met him and his friends at Wilfie and Nell in the West Village. She said they had a good time. A number of people are going to the reunion in Chicago in August. She told Ryan he should definitely come. Nothing definite but I Serene, will sleuth around in August and keep you posted.

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