Jef Holm Talks About his Relationship with Emily Maynard and Ricki Since the Engagement


Jef Holm, Emily Maynard, and Ricki Curacao


Emily Maynard and Jef Holm

 As we get further and further away from the proposal between Jef Holm and Emily Maynard, more interviews take place and we learn more about the two of them.

 Many have wondered how Jef came up with such a beautiful proposal.  We have heard Jef say many times, he fell in love with Emily in London.   And, in Curacao, he knew he wanted to propose.   He wanted it to be special and meaningful.  He thought about all of the things that make her special and stayed up all night practicing. 
When Jef  first met Emily,  he has stated that he never met anyone like her before.  He was amazed at how nice she was.  And as their relationship continues,  he is learning that she really is very patient with everything and she is nice to everyone.  Emily did not want to be referred to as a “Trophy Wife.”  from Ryan, but Jef , may have  truly found himself a beautiful and shining trophy.
Jef is excited to move to Charlotte and live in either his own house or apt.  He wants to be as close to Emily and Ricki as possible.  He feels it is important to be in Ricki’s life with Emily and begin feeling like a family.    He is looking forward to going our on dates with Emily, like a normal couple.  And he wants to be involved in Ricki’s soccer practice and swimming lessons.
I think Jef is going to be a wonderful dad to Ricki.  We already saw how well they reacted in Curacao.  Jef is non-threatening and truly enjoys children.  And we certainly saw that with his family in Utah.  The children ran up to him the moment they saw him. 
It sounds to me like Emily and Jef  have thought things through very well and I look forward to their wedding.