Jef Holm Says Goodbye to Ricki’s Soccer Team

 With all of the talk about Emily Maynard and Jef Holm’s breakup, no one has even mentioned how all of this might be affecting Ricki, Emily’s daughter.  Jef has been packing up his things to head back to Utah and had one piece of unfinished business, Ricki’s soccer team.  For a short time, Jef was one of the coach of the Greenbeans team.  He looked so cute with the girls and they finally had a win.


Jef Holm, Emily Maynard, Ricki, First Win for Greenbeans Soccer Team


Jef Home with Ricki’s Greenbean Soccer Team



“@jefholm will miss you as one of our coaches,” a soccer mom tweeted.   And she continued, “Please send good/positive vibes for the girls, despite the tears, play.”
And Jef responded, “sending good vibes to the Greenbeans.  Girls were such a blast to be around.  Thanks for making my time in Charlotte great!!” 
It seems that he did not talk to them personally about leaving and I am certain if he did, there would be many tears.  Jef really seemed to enjoy the team and he really seemed to care about Ricki.  It makes me wonder what they have told her about the situation.

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