Coach Jef Holm had to Face a Loss for Ricki’s Soccer Team and 7 Year Old Tears


Emily Maynard and her Daughter Ricki in Ricki’s Green Bean Soccer Uniform


As previously reported, Jef is coaching Ricki’s soccer team called “Green Beans.”  Today was the first game and Jef let us know how things went.  Not too well as they lost.  Jef said, “Despite my best efforts as coach, the “Green Beans” were defeated today @EmilyMaynard can vouch, I don’t deal with losing very well. #7yrOldTears.”  Oh dear, I am  certain Jef did not enjoy seeing the little girls cry.  Hopefully, next time will go better.  He gets a lot of credit for giving it a go.  I wonder if he really knows anything about soccer coaching.

 But, it is so nice to see him involved with Ricki’s activities, just like a real family.  They can all have a very lovely life together.  Better luck next time Jef.