Jef Holm Describes How Emily was Affected by the Trip to Africa and How They are Becoming a Family with Ricki


 Jef Brings Flowers to Emily’s Mom


Jef Holm, Emily Maynard & Ricki A Family

Emily and Jef continue to reflect on their journey to Africa.  Jef did not go on the Bachelorette for attention to himself, or his company.  But he certainly is not disappointed that it has allowed others to find out about his cause.  He says that the Bachelorette was about his and Emily’s love story, but it also ended up opening the door for others to see where they can help others.
In an interview with Huffington Post, Jef gives a detailed description about Emily’s reaction to Africa.  This was the first time she saw people without water and it had quite an effect on her.  Of  her experience Jef  stated:
“It was almost a spiritual experience to see these people’s needs for clean water.  It hit Emily hard.  She would be crying, seeing how people lived.  It was a heavy thing for her, but it was awesome.  They had no idea who we were.  None of these villages have electricity and nobody recognized us.  It was really a welcoming celebration in a good and different kind of way.”
You have already heard that Emily and Jef want to take Ricki with them on their next trip.  Emily wants Ricki to get involved and let her see what is happening in the world. 
And Emily recently told Jef that he is going to be head coach of Ricki’s soccer team, “The Green Beans.”  It’s family life time!


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