Jef Holm Coached Another Soccer Game this Week and Things Went Much Better (Photos)

Coach Jef Holm and Emily Maynard at Ricki’s Second Game and They Won!!!!




Last week, we learned that Jef  Holm is coaching Ricki’s soccer team, “Green Beans.”  Sadly, they lost their first game.  But this week is another story. Jef  tweeted  #Greenbeans, “They had big hopes of a win today and things went well for the team. ”  
Jef’s second tweet said,  “Green Beans win!!!!! Last minute of the game, Ricki scored the only goal!!!”  It is wonderful that Jef is so involved with Emily but also with  Ricki and her activities. 
I recall his saying several times during “The Bachelorette,” how he wanted to get to really know Ricki and teach her things.  And he is doing all of that.

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