Is the Newest Scandal About Jef Holm Really True?

 Is the newest Scandal Really True?


Emily Maynard and Jef  Holm in New York Last Month

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Enjoy Themselves In New York

 There is another scandal out there about Jef  Holm.  It has to do with an ex-girlfriend, however, she did not think of herself as an ex-girlfriend.  Her name is Kaylee Shepherd and she started e-mailing Reality Steve on April 20th.  She stated that she and Jef had dated for 8 months before he went on The Bachelorette.

She told Reality Steve, “He was very convincing that he was not going with intentions of “falling in love” and I bought it.”  She offered to give Steve any information he wanted about who is parents are, where he lives, etc.  Kaylee felt she was still in the relationship with Jef.

Her last e-mail was on May 17th.  When she found out that he was chosen by Emily she told Steve that she wanted nothing to do with him and she did not want her story repeated.  Reality Steve did not do anything until Kaylee’s story came out in the magazine, Us Weekly.  Then, he figured he might as well publish it.

Kaylee also said that she saw Jef in Sept, when he came to Utah.  She claims he told her the engagement was not real, only for good publicity and that Emily was paying him off to stay with her.

My feeling is that the relationship was probably over but she did not get it.  I cannot see Jef stringing anyone along like that.  I think he has too much integrity.  And why would his family be so welcoming to Emily on the home town date if  he was involved with someone else.  Why would his parents welcome Emily with open arms?

Now, since then,  another source has spoken to E!  Online and states that none of that is true.

“Everything is absolutely fine between them.  They are a great couple and the wedding is definitely on.  He has moved to Charlotte and is living in an apartment and they are really making a go of things.  They are being sensible about their relationship…They are being smart about everything.  Jef adores Emily, and is very involved in Ricki’s life. They are happy.  There are no problems between them.”

And from my perspective, Jef does not need any one’s money, he has enough of his own.  He and his friend own People Water.   Now granted, after the problems of a so-called scandal with Emily, they were not always smiling as much.  But shortly thereafter, they were so happy in their photos.  When Jef is with Ricki, he his face lights up, as does Ricki.  You cannot truly fake something like that.

So, until I hear from  their lips that it is over, I wish them well and hope everyone else leaves them alone and is not looking for their 5 minutes of fame!



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