Is Emily Maynard Dating the Boyfriend of Someone Else?

Is Emily seeing someone else’s boyfriend, or is he just a friend? Emily Maynard was seen on November 3, 2012, on the dance floor of a club in Charlotte, N.C. She was seen with NASCAR truck driver, Jason White. Emily was once engaged to Ricki Hendricks, a former NASCAR driver. He was killed in an airplane accident, while on his way to a race. Emily was supposed to travel with him, but because she did not feel well, she stayed home. It turned out that she was pregnant, and her daughter Ricki, is the outcome of that.

Jason White Nascar Truck Driver, Seen with Emily Maynard Dancing in Charlotte N.C. last weekend.

We hear Jason is dating a cheerleader for the Charlotte Bobcats. So, the questions remains, was this just a friend seeing a friend, or something more?

Emily Maynard Dancing with Jason White Nascar Truck Driver in Charlotte, N.C.

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