Is Chris Harrison the Next Bachelor????

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Chris Harrison Host of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad

 The rumors are now running rampant, since Chris separated from his wife, Gwen, of 18 years.  Is he going to be the next bachelor?  Everyone wants to know.  And remember there was the rumor that he and Emily were secretly in love?

 He stated in an interview in May, “In all seriousness, getting out of a 22 year relationship, having two kids, and trying to find a new life, I’m thinking I would not be a good candidate.”
In interviews, Chris has also addressed the issue of  inappropriate behavior two years ago.  If you remember, one of the contestants accused him of flirting with the wife of a producer.   The tabloids turned it into an affair.
It was not true then and it is not true now.   He is clear about the fact that no affair or any other inappropriate behavior is responsible for his separation.
In watching the bachelor and bachelorette contestants search for love, he has seen both love and heartbreak.  Everyone wants to have a partner and love. That contributes to the success of the show.  He adds, “I hopefully will fall in love again.  Maybe more than ever, I believe in the search and everybody is doing on the show.”
So for now, don’t expect him to show up as The Bachelor.   He did not say never, so who knows?  Maybe in two or three seasons?  Or, I suppose he could change his mind, but I am certain he is smart enough to know now is now the time.