In a Recent Interview Jef Holm Has Made it Perfectly Clear That he is Not Looking for Love Now

Jef Holm is staying in touch with all of us and his latest news is that he is not dating. He was recently in Charlotte, NC, but he was not there to see Emily, Rather, he was promoting his “People Water.” Jef wants everyone to understand that he is still dealing with the loss of Emily and certainly is not ready to look for love now. He stated, “I wouldn’t even consider myself on the market now. I’m just hanging out and trying to get everything settled down.” Sounds like good advice he is giving himself.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm a Happier Time

Jef has gone back to Utah and is running his “People Water” company. Jef also had made it clear that he has no hard feelings toward Emily and she has none against him. That is good to hear and that is the message that both continue to share.