If the Bachelor Pad Taltos Twins Look Familiar, They Have Been on Reality TV Before, Jersey Shore Season 4




Erica and Brittany With The Situation Jersey Shore 4


Erica and Brittany Taltos with Viinny In Italy, Jersey Shore 4


Do the twins Erica and Brittany Taltos look familiar to you?  They were in Florence, Italy, when “Jersey Shore” came to town.  Brittnay hooked up with The Situation.  And the virgin, Erica, made out with Vinny and Deena once upon a time.
If they can get along with Erica Rose, they would do well.  But it does not look good for them.  Remember Erica Rose’s comment the other night?  “There’s only room for one set of twins in this house and those girls are not it.”   The twins she refers to are her breasts.  (I have to admit, I had no idea what she was talking about).  And later on the Bachelor Pad Erica Rose added this, “Pairing up with a fan would be like sleeping with the help.”
It seems they lied to “Bachelor Pad” producers about previous reality TV experience.  They have also tried out for Big Brother and The Real World.   I am not surprised.
And, Brittany graduated from the University of Florida, and Erica is still there working on an advertising degree.  I wonder where they will turn up next.
I doubt there will be a dull moment while they are around.  The trick will be to stick around, now that the veterans vs. the fans, is happening.