If Not Another Bachelor Show What Type of Reality Show Does Ben Flajnik Want to Do?

Photo of Ben Holding a Wine Bottle of the Wine He Produces

Ban Flajnik Holds a Bottle of the Wine he Grows, Makes, and Markets

There is someone who is not willing to give “The Bachelor Franchise” a third try. Ben Flajnik has made it perfectly clear that he is definitely done with that show. However, he admits to being in talks with someone to develop his own reality show. And this show would just happen to be about his winery and “life behind the vines.” A rather catchy title don’t you think? It just might happen.

The show would involve Ben and his co-workers at his winery in Sonoma. It will introduce us to the day to day business from growing the grapes, to making the wine, to the marketing aspects. And, there will be parts of his personal life intertwined into the show. His sister, whom we met when he did “The Bachelor” will be featured and some of his friends. This could make for a great show. Will you be watching?

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