How Did Such as Nice Guy a Doug Clerget Finish so Poorly on Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette?

Doug and Emily First Meet

Doug Gets the First Impression Rose

Doug, a single father seemed to have a good connection with Emily in the beginning of the season. He won the first impression rose. He even had a letter written to Emily from his son, Austin. As each episode progressed, he seemed to be losing ground. Emily was getting impatient with his slow approach. When you think about it, you only have a few weeks to solidify your spot before hometown dates. The courting process is really cut short. And how realistic is that?

Doug, describes himself as shy and being filmed so closely was difficult. I also think it may have been some time since he has dated. Did anyone see any real flirting skills? He’s been out of the game too long and needs to regroup. And I think he can. He also acknowledges that he misread her signals. Since she was a single mother, he wanted to be respectful. If you recall, Chris Harrison commented on the fact that the majority of the men were not going for that first kiss very quickly. Chris felt the men were really being respectful, but perhaps a bit too respectful. But, he is a guy who is truly there for you. He once said in an interview that the way to impress a woman is, “Be there every time they needed me so that they know I am dependable.” And he did do that by warning Emily about Kalon. But it was not enough.

I wish Doug well and sincerely hope he finds a wonderful woman for both himself and his son. He did get quite a bit of exposure on the show. Maybe someone will have seen him and think he is just the one for her. Even better, if it is someone close by. We shall see.

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