Hot of the Press: Bachelor Pad’s Blakeley Shea Jones & Tony Pieper Moving in Together

Tony Pieper and his Son Bachelor Pad 3


Tony and Blakeley Bachelor Pad 3



Rumor Fix is reporting that Blakeley Shea and Tony Pieper are moving in together with Tony’s son.   I cannot say I am surprised after last night’s date on the Bachelor Pad.  I am very happy for them.

They worked very well together at the challenge last night.  Blakeley, having worked for Hooters, knew how to balance those tea cups and saucers.  When it was Tony’s turn, she coached him  all up and down the lane.  Later, Tony said how wonderful it was having her there every step of the way.

According to an insider, Blakeley has wanted a serious relationship for a long time.  A problem she often has, is that she gets serious right away and then scares the guys away.

On their date list night, they were so cute.  At first they thought an overnight date would take them to someplace where they hoped they would take a plane or helicopter.  However, as we know, they found a truck and eventually an Air Stream Trailer and camping equipment.  The date they gave to Lindzi and Kalon had the jewelry and the car, and the clothes.

I was very proud of them, as they made the very best of the situation.  They decided to make the best of out of it, and it turned out to be wonderful.

One of the first things  Tony told her last night is that she picks the wrong men.  Tony says he is a different type and he thinks that will work.  They both open up to each other and eventually share some delightful kisses and enjoy their time together.

They both decide that they want to take things slowly and see how it goes.  It’s been several months since the filming ended.  We also know that they spent a weekend together at a special spa a few weekends ago.  And, Blakeley has talked with Tony’s son on the phone.

Tony has a gentle personality, not aggressive like Chris Bukowski.  I think  Blakeley felt she had to be more dominant with Chris  but not with Tony.  I saw a softer side to her last night, and it was wonderful to see.

And according to the insider (now you know what I think of  most insiders, but I will make an exception here ), Tony plans on a proposal at the filming of the finale this week.  I can’t wait to find out.  I think Blakeley has been trying to make a square fit into a circle hole, but she has found the fit this time.

 Lindzi and Kalon’s Date 




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