Hilary Duff + Tight Pants…and somehow that’s news? #HuffPo

Hillary Duff and her pants...are a non-story.

Hilary Duff and her pants…are a non-story.

I never cease to be amazed at what the major news blogs consider newsworthy these days….

Take for example the Huffington Posts article about Hilary Duff wearing tight white pants!

I mean seriously, who f__king cares? Here is the not so scandalous photo that the story is written around.

WTF? There is nothing to see here except a bunch on numskulls taking her picture. Yes, this was in the entertainment section but I have to ask is there anything here that interests anybody? I mean really. I think a better story for the boring picture is, ‘Fat guy in tie walks like he has hemorrhoids, needs diet so he can button up suit.’

Yes, Hilary Duff wears white pants. Shocking! Ooooh-Ah!