Here’s Why Donny & Marie Osmond May be on All Stars Dancing with the Stars

Donny and Marie Osmond Dancing

How would you like to see Donny and Marie in the Dancing with the Stars All Stars Season? The two are being cagey. Recently Donny was interviewed and he did not actually say, “no.” He said, “It’s a lot of work and I have one mirror ball trophy and I rub in Marie’s face.” And, he’d love to get the trophy again.

So, some people did some research and discovered that both Donny and Marie have cleared their schedules for the fall. So far their last performance is August 5, in Atlantic City. And then, nothing is scheduled until January 2013. So what about their show in Vegas? It could be tough but they could to it. Donny did both when he was on Dancing with the Stars. And their show is dark on Mondays. Almost sounds too good to be true.

Not wanting to give up, a reporter called the Vegas ticket office and said she wanted tickets to surprise her parents for their anniversary. And she needed the tickets for October, 2012. The ticket agent was hemming and hawing and finally said, we are only offering tickets through the end of July.

I for one am going to keep my fingers crossed in the hope that Donny and Marie will be doing All Stars. It seems very convenient that the two have everything cleared for the All Stars season. What do you think?

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