Having Been Apart for Two Weeks, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Were Together with Jef’s Family in SC This Weekend


Jef Holm’s Parents, Jef Holm, Emily Maynard, and Ricki In South Carolina


 Jef and Emily have been separated for the past two weeks as Jef  has had business back East.  Jef flew to South Carolina to see his lovely ladies (Emily and Ricki),  on Sat.  and to spend time with his family.  He tweeted:

 “Finally get to see @EmilyMaynard tonight.  I’m going to spend all night messing up her lipstick.”  You have got to love Jef’s sense of humor. 
Jef’s parents are mission presidents on a mission in South Carolina and they and other members of his family were meeting to have a family get together.   Some of the family Emily met on her home town date with Jef,   but there will be some new members for her to meet.  It seems the entire family is getting together.  Jef’s youngest sister was on a mission during the home town visit, and she also be  able to meet Emily this time.
This is the first time Ricki  is meeting Jef’s family and I am certain they all just loved her.  Their plan was to spend  Sunday going to church and then playing on the beach.   They pushed the children on the swings and also rode around in golf carts!  Sounds like fun!!



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