Guess Which Bachelor 17 Contestant will Meet Chris Harrison at the Miss America Pageant in 2013?

Chris Harrison has been asked  to be the host of “The Miss America Pageant”, in January 2013.  And, of course he is the host of “The Bachelor”, so he will be meeting  Miss Chattanooga , who happens to be Kelly Dutton.  She is certainly beautiful enough to do well.  And, what makes her even more interesting is that she has one blue eye and one brown eye. Who knows, she might even be engaged by the time January rolls around.

Kelly Dutton Bachelor 17 Who will also Attend the Miss America pageant 2013

Kelly Dutton Bachelor 17 and Miss Chattanooga

 A few questions meant to reveal a little more about this lovely lady.
Who do you admire most in the world and why?
“Anyone can live their lives without caring what anyone else thinks.  That’s a huge thing I’m working through right now”
Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?
“Adventurous.  Life is boring without risks.”
What is your favorite book and why?
“Sassy, Single, and Satisfied” – It’s a book about loving who you are first and foremost so you can cultivate the best in all of your relationships.”