From The Beginning of Jef and Emily’s Journey, Ricki Has Been An Integral Part of Their Lives – Photos


A Family, Emily, Jef, and Ricki


Emily, Jef, and Ricki and her Friends Enjoy the Amusement Park



When we were first introduced to Ricki, Emily’s daughter, we saw her and  Emily and sometimes with her grandmother at her home in Charlotte. She is a sweet little girl and it was wonderful to have some exposure to her.  Emily has always been protective of Ricki and keeping her out of the public eye.

One of the reasons  The Bachelorette began in Charlotte was that Emily did not want to be away from Ricki for ten weeks.  There were rumors that her other grandparents felt Ricki was being exploited, which I believe was false.  Those tabloids love to create trouble. 

On the final dates, Ricki was in Curacao and she was able to meet Jef.  This meeting seemed to solidify Jef and Emily’s relationship.  It was so easy for the three of them to be together.

After Emily and Jef became engaged, some insisted that Ricki had been exploited for purposes of the show but  now we did not hear anything about her.

However, there were a few photos of Ricki and her mom shopping.   But I believe time was well spent for some quiet time.  Later, we learned that Jef and Emily were spending weekends together.  Jef  even revealed that he and Ricki had been fishing together on one of those weekends.  She was not forgotten.

The photo at the top, is a collage of their family being together before the official announcement of whom Emily choose.  And above, a photo of Emily, Jef, Ricki, and few of her friends at an amusement park in Charlotte, this weekend.  Ricki is certainly and integral part of Jef and Emily’s lives.  And she just lights up when  she is with them.

In spite of the gossip, they  seem truly happy and carry on with their lives.




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