From Bachelorette to Bachelor Pad Kalon McMahon Will Be There!

Kalon Arrives in a Prosche on Bachelor Pad

Kalon McMahon Bachelor Pad

Kalon McMahon will be one of the contestants of the Bachelor Pad 3, having just finished his time on Emily Maynard’s The Bachelorette. He did not make a favorable impression. He made his entrance in a helicopter and eventually upset Emily and some of the men with his attitude toward her daughter, Ricki. Although he never actually used the term “baggage”, it was inferred. At that point, Emily swiftly eliminated him.

He enjoyed Bachelor Pad more because there is no central character or plot line. He states, “The show focused on different people throughout the entire series, rather than one specific person.

When Emily Maynard found out Kalon would be on bachelor pad, she stated she will not be watching it. Kalon used to be friends with Erica Rose but after she sold a story to Star Magazine “About an ex-girlfriend of mine who also happens to be her friend, the whole thing was tacky, but she apologized about it.” Erica will be on the show also, but he thinks they will get along well.

Of the show, he also had this to say, “People in the Bachelor Pad house had a specific idea of who I was after seeing The Bachelorette. But after living with them for a day or so, they started apologizing and saying things like we feel terrible that we felt that way. In the end we all got along and I made some good friends.”

He is still doing his charity work with Houston non-proafit Citizens for Animal Protection.

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