Former Bachelorette Contetant Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Says Yes to Being the Bachelor


Handsome Arie Is Ready to Move On



According to “Wetpaint Entertainment,” Arie has agreed to become the next “Bachelor,” for the new season, if the producers ask him.   A formal invitation has not been given but Arie’s dad is certain that his son will be the next bachelor.   Arie heard his dad say that his son is definitely interested in being the next “Bachelor.”  He even went so far to say, “If they ask him, he’d be thrilled.”
Now here is the thing, according to Reality Steve,  “The Bachelor” role is Roberto Martinez’s to lose”.   Arie and Sean Lowe  have been in talks with ABC,  but nothing definite.    And  Steve  feels fairly certain that Roberto will accept it, if confirmed by ABC,  regardless of the rumors about a new girlfriend.
Arie’s dad was asked if Arie is over the romance with Emily.  He stated, “Absolutely, those days are over.”   He feels Arie is ready to move on.
And according to Arie, Jr., this week, he is receiving proposals everyday, from ladies.  It should be very good for his ego.  With or without being “The Bachelor,” it sounds like Arie is moving on and ready for a healthy relationship.


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