Former Bachelorette Contestant Kalon McMahon Explains how he and Lindzi are Alike and Their Future Plans



Kalon and Lindzi with Kalon’s Dog in California



Kalon and Lindzi on Their One on One Date – Sparks were Flying


Kalon was interviewed after his elimination and he has shared more about his feelings for Lindzi, how they were attracted to each other, and their future plans. 

After both were eliminated last week, they left in the same limo.  Kalon has disclosed that they remained in Santa Monica, Calif, for a few extra days.  Then he went to Dallas and she went to Seattle.  It would be four hours to visit one another via airplane.
Since then, Kalon has relocated to Southern California, and they are only two hours apart.  They have talked about relocating somewhere together, but in due time.  He stated, “We are taking baby steps.” 
Lindzi has some friends in California and she is a bit more willing to fly down to him.  And, she has stated that she does not need to live in Seattle for the rest of her life. (Lot’s of rain there.)
Kalon knew Lindzi was a special woman when she gave him a chance to get to know her, especially after the “baggage” situation.  That first night at the pad, Kalon remembers that Lindzi walked right up to him and they talked about what it is like being filmed and having things taken out of context. 
Lindzi told him, “I get it.  I understand kind of what you meant.  Maybe you did not say it the way you intended to but you’re kind of right.  I get what you were trying to convey.”  Kalon felt very at ease and from there, they were able to drift into a conversation about many things.  Lindzi shared what happened with Ben and her feelings about it.
Over time, he realized that they have similar personalities.  “We make all the same stupid jokes, we  both have no filter, and we both get each other’s stupid jokes… “She is one of the most witty girls I have ever come across and we get each other.”
It truly sounds as if the two are very compatible. I know many of us shall enjoy watching their journey.