Former Bachelorette Contestant Jef Holm is Missing He has Gone off of the Grid!

Jef Holm seems to be playing a game with us.  He has disappeared in a sense.  He is not in Charlotte, and we don’t think he is in Utah either.  There have been no photos of him recently, except what he has shared here.  He seems to be missing.  Is it getting to difficult to take and he needs a time out?

Jef Holm Off the Grid in the Snow


From the photos, he appears to be somewhere cold and it looks like he is dressed for it.  And, he does appear to have his laptop, I mean where would he be without it?  Perhaps he is just sick and tired of the paparazzi and wants a break.  He tweeted a photo with the remark, “Won’t find me here.”  So who will be the one to unravel his riddle?

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