Former Bachelorette Contestant Jef Holm is on his Way to his Fiance in Charlotte, Emily Maynard for Good!

Jef and Emily – A Happy Time in Utah Home Town Date


Truly a Happy Couple in New York


It is finally happening.   Emily and Jef have been talking about Jef’s moving to Charlotte for quite some time.    Jef tweeted as he was driving East across the country with a friend.  Jef  had decided it would be easier for him to be in Charlotte, which allows Ricki to be near her friends and two sets of grandparents.  Jef is able to do his job anywhere.

 This past weekend, he and Emily enjoyed some time in Salt Lake City. Now he’s headed for his new home.  He tweeted:  “Driving to North Carolina w/ @trgourley cases of People Water to give out along the way…Who’s Thirsty.”  He also tweeted a map showing his destination as Charlotte.
Jef and Emily are not letting any of the negative publicity ruin their plans or their lives.  Good for them!!!

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