Former Bachelor Ben Flajnik Feels He Owes All 25 Women of his Season an Apology for Having Chosen Courtney Robertson

Ben Flajnik has had plenty of time to review his relationship with Courtney Robertson.

Final Rose Ceremony in Switzerland When Ben Chose Courtney Robertson rather than Lindzi Cox

Now that Ben Flajnik has ended his relationship with Courtney, he has time to ponder the relationship. He is very surprised about how quickly she started dating an acquaintance of his, and that would be Arie Luyendyk, Jr. He is regretting that he ever chose her out of the 25 women he met during his season of The Bachelor.

We know he was having second thoughts after the show started airing on television. What he saw in her behavior toward the other women was not very nice. He even broke off the engagement for a while. He and Courtney talked about that on After the Final Rose. Eventually, they agreed to give it a try.

As far as how he feels today, Ben stated, “I would apologize to all those women and say, “Sorry I didn’t see it… I have lost respect for this person that I thought I knew that I was in love with at one point.”

Some of the women on The Bachelor tried to warn him. His own sister shared her reservations about Courtney. He said, “She just had me fooled.” Some of his friends stated that perhaps she was just very good at manipulating people. “I wanted to see it through on my own to know if it was going to work or not. It just took a little bit longer.”

We also learned a few weeks ago, that Courtney was thinking of leavening the show early. The producers let her call her sister. Due to the spoilers in the news, Courtney’s sister was able to tell her about the next four locations. It was then that Courtney decided to stay. Who would not want to visit the Matterhorn in Switzerland? Thus, perhaps Courtney’s reason for staying were not honest.

One nice thing Ben does have going for him is the possibility of doing a reality TV show about his winery. So, all is not lost!!

Ben Flajnik is Hands on With his Vineyard – Hoping for a Reality Show

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