Find Out when Maks Chmerovskiy is Leaving Dancing with the Stars!

Maks Chmerovskiy Handsome as Ever Dancing with the Stars


Maks and Kirstie Together Again on Dancing with the Stars All Stars




Maks Chmerkovskiy has stated that when his contract with Dancing with the Stars ends in 2013, he will be leaving the show.  That means he has three more seasons to complete.  The All Stars is the first of the three.    We have heard rumors that he might be leaving at some point, especially after the remarks made by Hope Solo in her newest book about Maks harassing her.  Hope wrote in her book,
“He manhandled me in rehearsals right from the start, pushing me, whacking my stomach, bending my arms roughly.  I thought that was just how it was – how dancers worked with each other.  But it kept getting worse.”
Hope has also claimed that Maks slapped her while they were partners.  Maks has been known as the “bad boy.”  He has argued with judges.  Maks has denied Hope’s charges and he told “The New York Post,”
“I am done with this Maks thing.”  And he wants people to know that he is not  a one-sided personality.  He said, “I am a lot of fun to watch, even without drama.”
As for what he might do in the future, it might include some acting and a reality show with his brother Val, who is also under contract with Dancing with the stars.
Since Hope’s original claim, there have no other articles about the situation, at least that I have seen.  Frankly, if  Maks is so  brutal to celebrities, why has no one else made any such claims?
I shall miss him, he does add a lot of flavor to the mix.  Time will tell where he lands but I have no doubt he will land on his two feet and have numerous possibilities for his next venture.  But let us not forget his very successful dancing studios and his line of  jewelry. 
And I can’t wait to see how he and Kirstie do this season!!!