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Marilyn Monroe died fifty years ago and yet her celebrity brand is still going strong.  Monroe ranked third last year, according to Forbes’ annual list of top deceased celebrities, after Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.  In the  early 70’s pictures of Marilyn that sold were very sexy.  Many many of them were nudes.  But strange  as it may seem,  the photos that sell today celebrate her humanity.  Believe it or not, a deceased person made a comeback.  And social media is a huge help.  Marilyn Monroe has a huge following on both Twitter and Face book.

Her death has always been questioned and just today, there is a new  People Magazine coming out relating to this.   Her death was ruled a probable suicide.   A Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht,  told People that he has “A strong suspicion that she might have been injected.”
And in 1982, Dr. Thomas Noquchi, who was involved in the autopsy, stated, “I would call Monroe’s suicide very probable.”  And he continued, “But I also believe that until complete FBI files are made public and the notes and interviews of the suicide panel released, controversy wills continue to swirl around her death.”
And are you ready for this?   According to CBS news,  the FBI files in her case were filed under “Foreign Counterintelligence, are missing.   The associated press attempted to obtain the records under the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI does not have them and neither does the National Archives.
I have my suspicion of what this all about.  We probably never will know for sure.
 Update:  12/29/12  The newest news is that she travelled to Russia at she some point and had somme communist ties.  However, the new documents released do not support that so we are still in the dark as to the actual cause.  Do you think we will ever know?