Erica Rose of Bachelor Pad 3 Loves Using Botox for Her Lips!


Erica Rose Bachelor Pad 3


Erica Rose Looking Hot Bachelor Pad 3

  Erica Rose is back to give Bachelor Pad another try.  She was a contestant last season but only made it to the fifth episode.  When we first saw her, she was in Lorenzo Borgese’s  Bachelor Season in 2006.  She was eliminated during the third episode.  Erica was very outspoken (No surprise here.) and it really turned Lorenzo off. 

 And, at the moment she has a love/hate relationship with Kalon McMahon, who is from her home town. When they met on the first episode of Bachelor Pad 3, they both sort of danced around the problem they had and I did not see any clear resolution. 
Erica tends to be spoiled and enjoys spending her parent’s money and has no problem using Botox for lip injections.  She cannot imagine life without it.  She has a personal astrologer, whom she consults everyday.  I wonder if that works better than reading the newspaper.
She has already opened her mouth and spewed forth garbage.  I wonder just how long she will last this time.



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