Emily’s Favorite Dress of the Season and Jewelry She Loved Photos


Emily’s Favorite Dress of the Season



Emily’s Necklaces Bachelorette
Emily has looked stunning in her beautiful dresses and jewelry. Some have said she went way over the budget but they must have allowed it. Take a look at what she bought. I guess I should say ABC purchased! Emily is one who loves sequined shiny stuff. She is a Southern lady and they do dress beautifully.
 When Emily first tried on gowns, one of the first ones was a beautiful Jean Fares Couture gown.  The color is a deep dusty pink. The pink dress was too bright for the first night and it would not have been good for the finale. She wore it for the photo shoot.  For Jewelry, she wore an eight-caret rose sapphire.

Other Jewelry She wore.  Do you recognize any of it?  I do!!!!


Emily’s Rings


Emily Loves Earrings




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