Emily Shares her Thoughts About Some of The Entrances That First Night and Why No Hot Tubs!

Jef and Emily – Look at that Smile On His Face

Emily Looking Cool!

I just found this interview and I was surprised that Emily gave one so soon. But some of the things she talks about answer questions I have also had.

There were some very interesting entrances to meet Emily on the first night. Emily enjoyed the evening, felt nervous but she did a great job. She seemed in control and was so gracious to all of the men.

As to the entrances, she had this to say, “Honestly, anybody that knows me knows I would take, you know. (She says that lot), a classic pickup truck over a brand new Ferrari any day. She was not overly impressed with Kalon’s helicopter arrival.

With regard to the first impression rose, we know that went to Doug. Emily was impressed with him that he would leave his son home to meet her. She wanted him to know it was not something she took lightly. We all heard there would be no hot tubs this season, and frankly I did not miss them at all. Emily wanted to experience her relationship in as normal a way as she dates as possible adding, “I wouldn’t get into a hot tub with a guy on a first date in my normal life. So I sure as hell am not going to do it on “The bachelorette.” Besides, they did see her in a swimsuit on some of her dates.

I feel Emily is a classy lady and she stayed true to herself. She may have to explain to Ricki about some of the kissing, but that’s it.

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