Emily Maynard Took Dolls to African Villages and Enjoyed Playing with the Children


Emily Maynard Playing Dolls with an African Child


Emily and Jef Traveling Around Africa in a Van

  If you have been keeping up with news about Emily Maynard and Jef Holm, they are visiting Ghana, Africa.  They are traveling with people from Generosity Water and People Water to inspect two wells, which have been drilled for two villages.  Jef is the co-founder of People Water.

After Jef and Emily were engaged, Emily realized she wanted to help also.  So, now they are having the time of their life, enjoying each other, and helping others at the same time.

Emily took toys and dolls to give to the village children.  One of the pictures above is of Emily playing with a child with a doll.  I cannot think of anyone more loving and caring than Emily to be part of this journey.   She herself, is a mother and truly as enjoyed bringing up her daughter, Ricki, even without a father. 

Here is what Jef tweeted along with the picture yesterday: @emilymaynard brought hundreds of  dolls and toys for the kids to play with.  She is the best.  @Ghana Africa.







Here is what Jef had to say about Emily: “@emilymaynard brought hundreds of dolls & toys for kids to play with. She’s the best. @ Ghana Africa

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