Emily Maynard Loves Cats And Sometimes Jef Calls Her “The Cat Lady”

Emily Loves Cats


Ricki with her Very own Kitten

  We have learned over time, that Emily loves cats and Jef is getting exposed to this too.  Recently Jef tweeted,  “I should go through and count how many cat videos and pics (Emily) has sent me.  It’s scary  #catlady. ”  Naturally, he and the cats, Emily and Ricki, will live together and be just fine.

 Jef  likes dogs and  they both really just love animals.  I expect they will have a few living with them, after they are married and Jef moves in with Emily and Ricki.  And of course, there will be a few children running around.  Ricki has stolen Jef’s heart already and she will make a great big sister.

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