Emily Maynard, Jef Holm, and Ricki Spent Some Time Together In San Diego Recently

Jef Holm  and  Emily Maynard , and Ricki were in San Diego this past weekend to promote People Water and to attend the San Diego Film Festival.  Ricki and Emily could only stay a few days and headed back to Charlotte so Ricki could attend school.  But seeing them happy together, helped to dispel rumors that they are don’t well together.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm


Jef Holm and Cody Barker Represent People Water in San Diego


On Tues . Jef Holm was seen at the Just Dance 4 Party on Tuesday, along with his friend Cody Barker, co-owners of People Water.  A few of the news stories did not mention Emily and Ricki having been with Jef earlier. some tried to say Jef was all alone without Emily dancing.  But other sources shared that although Jef danced, he was dancing with his buddy Cody and they kept to themselves most of the time, he was “definitely NOT flirty.”  Celebzster confirmed the above.

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