Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Have Talked and Have Found they Have the Same Values and Beliefs



Jef, Emily, and Ricki

Jef Helping to Color Easter Eggs

  By now, Emily and Jef have discussed many things which are important to them in a marriage and having a family.  We know that they discussed religion before the final rose ceremony.

 From observing Jef with his family during the home town date, it was obvious how much he loves children.  His nieces and nephews adore him.  We’ve seen a photos of him coloring Easter Eggs, holding his nieces and nephews,  and being with Ricki.
Emily recently stated that she knows Jef will be a great step-dad.  When he first met Ricki, he gave her time to talk to him and her mom.  He asked her questions about herself and eventually, she invited him to swim with her and her mom.   She more or less was putty in his hands.  There is an adorable photo of him offering Ricki her towel after swimming.

Collage of Family Photos Emily, Ricki, and Jef

And in a recent interview with Huffington Post, they both expressed that they love charity work and Jef stated they are both grounded in the important things.  Those things being, “that they see eye to eye on the way we want to treat everybody, how we want to be parents.  We want a grounded marriage.  We see eye-to-eye on foundational things like that, and it’s really important.”
They are not waiting until the thrill of  this whole experience diminishes, they are addressing these issues head on. I truly believe their relationship will be successful.

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