Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Have Discussed Their Religious Differences


Emily and Jef in the Eye Of London Overlooking The Beautiful City

  When Emily was in Los Angeles for “The Men Tell All” she was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times.  When she was asked how she made her decision on whom to choose, she stated, “I prayed about it and just had to go with my heart.   I think I made the right choice for me and my daughter and our life.”

 She was asked about the differences in religions between her and Jef.   She is an Evangelical Christian and Jef  says he is not a practicing Mormon.  Viewers have worried, myself included, how they would handle this.  Emily said they did talk about religion in detail.   She stated, “There’s no way I could fall in love and potentially get engaged without having that conversation and he was open and honest.”

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