Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Attended the Wedding of ABC Producer Cassie Lambert This Weekend



Emily and Jef with a Fan At Cassie’s Wedding 


Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Attend Cassie Lambert’s Wedding

 Jef Holm and Emily have certainly been busy since they have been engaged.  Not only did they take a 1 week trip to Africa, but the day after returning, they attended a wedding of a friend.  And that friend just happens to be Cassie Lambert and her man, Peter Scalettar.  They look fresh and alive after all of their traveling.

 If you watched the bachelorette,  with  Emily you will remember the episode in Prague when Emily discovered that Arie had once dated one of the producers, Cassie.  Here is what I wrote about that as I thought it odd that they would wait that long to tell Emily about it.  Apparently, Emily knew Cassie from the  Bachelor  as  bachelorette on Brad Womack’s Bachelor season. 
   Part of My post from Bachelormansion.com
“Now here is where it gets a bit sticky for me. If you have read spoilers, you know that Arie dated the shows producer, Cassie Lambert, 9 years ago. She used to hang around the race track and have beers with the drivers. Cassie has decided that since Arie and Emily are really connecting that she should enlighten Emily. Really? From the promos, we have been expecting a bit of drama.
Some even went so far as to suggest Arie is sent home immediately. Thankfully, that did not happen. On their date, Emily talks about trust and loyalty and is trying to get Arie to tell her about it. 
Emily writes in her blog, “Before we started filming I had been told that there may have been one contestant on the show this season who had dated Cassie. I was asked if I would mind. Once I knew it was almost a decade ago, and known  Cassie is engaged, I was fine with it. I put it out of my head.”  Cassie  had told  Emily it was nothing serious.   So why bring it up in the first place?
Emily continues,  “Then when Cassie took it upon herself, halfway through the season to tell me…I was definitely surprised.” On their date, Emily talks about trust and loyalty and is trying to get Arie to tell her about it.   He does not have a clue, and rightfully so.
After all of the build up, Emily shares what she knows and Arie seems a bit bewildered.   I see this whole situation as manipulation of Emily and Arie. I think the producers wanted to create more drama.  To me, it was a terrible thing to do.
Fortunately Arie explains, it was a long time ago, it was not serious, and frankly, it never crossed his mind to share that.  Emily felt glad to have it all out there and they picked up right where they left off.  Later, at dinner Emily realizes that it was not a big deal and sees that she should have given Arie the benefit of the doubt.  They kiss, and all is forgiven.   More kisses!!!!! Emily is handling this in a very mature manner.   Good for her.”
So obviously, they had known each other well enough to get an invitation.   From the photos of the occasion, both Emily and Jef look very happy.  Jef tweeted on Sunday, “Attended the best wedding last night!  Vows, food, music, dancing, etc.   Amazing Time, thanks for inviting me!”