Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Attended Ricki’s Parents Night at her School This Week


A Happy Family at the Amusement Park


Nametags for Emily and Jef Ricki’s Parent Night


 From the beginning, Jef’s involvement with Ricki has been very important to him.  And it only continues.   Jef has moved to Charlotte and he helps with the soccer team and even drives Ricki to school sometimes.

 Jef  Holm and Emily Maynard continue to strengthen their bond with one another and  with Ricki.  Despite all of the rumors and tabloids, which seem to have died down, they continue their normal lives.  This week, Emily and Jef attended Ricki’s parent’s night.  I remember these evenings well with my daughters.  It is a time to meet the teacher and get acquainted.  It helps the teacher to know who the parents are and how involved they are.
Emily sent a photo showing a  the family’s pink folder with names tags for both Jef and Emily as Ricki’s parents.  This is a lucky little girl.