Ed Swiderski States He Once Found Love on the Bachelorette, So Why Not Bachelor Pad?

Ed and Jillian Get Engaged on The Bachaelorette

Ed Swiderski Bachelor Pad 3

Ed Swiderski is best known for his time on The Bachelorette with Jillian Harris. He was the winner and he got down on bended knee and proposed. It did not last. Now he is single and states that he found love once on The Bachelorette, why not Bachelor Pad?

He is a technology consultant from Chicago, Ill and founder of the non-profit Global Education Open Technology Foundation GEOTF. This organization promotes open standards of education that improves the quality of lie of underprivileged students around the world. These days, he operates Kambio Group with Less Loren. This is a technology company that assists businesses, and he speaks at media and technology conferences all over the country.

On The Bachelorette, he left on episode five to focus on his job at Microsoft. Jillian was crushed. He came back on Episode 7. There were also rumors that he had someone back home. Jake Pavelka came back to warn Jillian but she did not listen.

Many, actually cared for Jillian. Reid Rosenthal was one who cared deeply. He was eliminated towards the end, but returned on the night of the final rose ceremony, with ring in hand. He spoke to Jillian but her mind was already made up. At least Reid gave it his all.

Reid and Ed will both be on The Bachelor Pad. How will they do together?