Ed Swiderski of the Bachelor Pad Was There for The Money Not Love, as He Had a Girl Back Home


Ed, Jaclyn Swartz, Rachel Trueheart, and Chrs Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3

  Ed Swiderski has been showing a bit of his wild side.  Last week we saw him sleeping with one of the girls.   And this week, Ed admits that he had a girlfriend back home.   On a recent conference call he had this to say:

 “I definitely was not there for love!  I absolutely was there to win.  I treat it just like any competition.  I have someone at home that I have always kind of had feelings for, even though I was single on the show.  I was not there to look for anybody but I made some great friendships.”  So, if Jaclyn as plans for more from Ed, she can forget it.
If  flirting, etc, got him further in the game, it did not bother him.  He talked to his girl back home about not looking for love, before he left for filming.    Do you think she understood the flirting, etc.?
I like Ed and is a happy drunk, that’s a good thing.  We know he was once engaged to Jillian Harris, which lasted about 18 months.  Somehow, I just don’t think Ed has commitment in him.

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