Drew Lechey Talks Can Actors Compete with Athletes on Dancing with the Stars?

Do athletes have a hand up on the actors?
Drew and Anna Dancing with the Stars All Star


In a recent interview Drew Lachey said he thinks that athletes win the Mirror Ball Trophy more often than non-athletes but now, he is up against six champions and many runner-ups with more than a handful of athletes included in those ranks.  He is glad he has some previous experience behind him, so he knows what to expect, especially the tremendous amount of time it takes to get things right!
Drew also knows he and his partner Anna Trebunskaya (Anna Trebunskaya Bio)… need to change things up. There are certain things he can physically that he did not do before.  He feels he is more athletic than he was before.  There are more dances now then before so he is glad that his stamina is better also.
He finds that he is always thinking about music.  He will hear a certain song and tell himself, that would make a great Cha Cha Cha or a good Salsa.  He is a little nervous but he is trying to lighten up and just enjoy the experience.

Drew Lachey Dancing with the Stars All Stars

He  does feel that athletes have an advantage as they are used to coaching, they learn to really listen, they are 100% focused on their goal.  With performers, he feels they are more creative and although they can focus, he does not think it is at the same level as with athletes.
Drew has an interesting idea, but the same could also be said about military men and women,  We saw JR Martinez win and he had been in the military for some time.  In that setting, you better pay attention to orders an get it right, or your life and the lives of those you work with, could be compromised. DWTS Flashback – JR Martinez Life Story
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